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Vanilla Best Skin Ever

Vanilla Best Skin Ever

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Velvety Vanilla Best Skin Ever swirls the senses with organic infusions of raw Vanilla Beans drenched in Virgin Coconut oil for months on end. Our signature solution unleashes the aromatic awesomeness of pure Vanilla while saturating the Coconut oil with all the soothing, moisturizing powers Vanilla has to offer.

Vanilla Best Skin Ever evens skin tone, balances oil production, soothes and serenes the skin. It is a deluxe and luxuriant moisturizer, too. The organic infusion of raw Vanilla Bean and Virgin Coconut oil adds an opulent aroma. To this sweet-smelling treat we have added soothing Seabuckthorn to even skin tone, wholesome Jojoba to balance oil production, tried and true Tamanu oil to infuse the skin with beneficial lipids, lovely Lavender oil to soothe and calm, vibrant Vetiver to tone, grateful Grapefruit to energize, and pure Palmarosa to purify the unknown.

Organic Ingredients: Fresh Vanilla Beans infused in Virgin Coconut - Vanilla Planifolia + Cocos Nucifera, Virgin Coconut - Cocos Nucifera, Golden Jojoba - Simmondsia chinensis, Seabuckthorn Berry - Hippophae rhamnoides, Tamanu - Calophyllum inophyllum, Lavender - Lavendula augustifolia, Vetiver - Vetivera zizanodes, Grapefruit - Citrus paradisii

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