Purdy Little Gift

Purdy Little Gift

Purdy Natural
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This Purdy Little Gift is perfect for anyone who loves suds and soft skin. 
Each box contains one of our popular handmade soap bars and one of our dreamy creamy hand/body/face lotions. 

Box Options:

Norwegian Wood

  • Norwegian Wood Soap
  • Norwegian Wood 2oz Smooth Move Lotion

Sex Panther

  • Sex Panther Soap
  • Sex Panther 2oz Smooth Move Lotion


  • Bohemian Soap
  • Bohemian 2oz Smooth Move Lotion

Sunshine & Lollipops

  • Sunshine & Lollipops Soap
  • Sunshine & Lollipops 2oz Smooth Move Soap

Smells like Clean Spirit

  • Smells like Clean Spirit Soap
  • Smells like Clean Spirit 2oz Smooth Move Lotion


  • Purdylicious Soap
  • Purdylicious 2oz Smooth Move Lotion

Got Ya

  • Dirrt@y Soap
  • Got Ya 2oz Smooth Move Lotion 

Bare Nude

  • Capra Unscented Goat's Milk Soap
  • Bare Nude 2oz Smooth Move Lotion