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Groovy Moon

Yours Truly Patchouli Mist / Balm

Yours Truly Patchouli Mist / Balm

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Body Mist OR Solid Balm

A nice little essential oil perfume balm infused with a beautiful Organic Patchouli. Rich, earthy, calming and grounding. Use it behind the ears, on your wrists, right under the nose, or the tips of your hair. I like to wipe a little off my hands on my scarf or my clothes and carry it with me where ever I go.

TIP; You can use our balms to top up a natural deodorant! Boost those pits with a hit of it.

Another great thing about our perfume balms, unlike most others it is made without using cosmetic vitamin E which is commonly made with soy oil. After a few dips of the finger it will carry an odor which many would say... smells a little off.  We guarantee you'll be able to use it right to the bottom of the tin smelling the same as when you cracked it open.

Solid Balm Ingredients: avocado butter, coconut oil, Candelilla wax,  EO of Patchouli

Body Mist Ingredients: water, glycerin, witch hazel, patchouli EO

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