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Organifi Gold Chocolate

Organifi Gold Chocolate

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Ease your body into a calm, relaxed state with 9 soothing superfoods in a delicious, zero sugar hot cocoa.

  • Incredible taste and aroma
  • Promotes recovery while you rest
  • Naturally calming with zero negative side effects

Formulated for the Evening Wind-Down  

Our jobs, relationships, and happiness throughout the day all depend on the ability to rest and repair at night. A nightly cup of Gold can:
  • Promote restful sleep - with Reishi, known as the “grounding mushroom”.
  • Nourish the body - with traditional Ayurvedic herbs and zero sugar.
  • Support relaxation - with lemon balm extract, also known as the “calming herb”.

The taste of this rich hot chocolate is the result of a unique blend of cocoa, mushrooms, lemon balm, ginger, and other adaptogens containing essential nutrients for nightly rest and relaxation made easy and enjoyable.

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