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Organifi Balance Probiotic (30 Servings)

Organifi Balance Probiotic (30 Servings)

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Balance is back and better than ever! With twice the spore-forming strains and an all-new vegan capsule, gut health just got a lot easier to master.

  • Optimize your daily digestion
  • Reduce discomfort from bloating and gassiness
  • Promote a strong immune system

Gut health is vitally important for your overall well-being. That means keeping a culture of good, healthy bacteria populated in your gut, so there’s no room for any of the bad stuff. Your immune system, your digestion, and even your daily mood are directly affected by your gut.

  • Improve digestion – with 5 viable science-backed strains for holistic digestion.
  • Encourage gut-flora diversity – an essential element of microbiome wellness.
  • Empower the immune system – thanks to a synergistic combination of widely studied strains.

Dairy Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free

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