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Lunah Life

Legit Best Lip Scrub

Legit Best Lip Scrub

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If you suffer from dry, cracked lips in the fall and winter time or really any time of year, you definitely need our latest product. A base of rose hip butter, wildcrafted honey and sugarcane, it's the perfect creation for moisturized, happy lips. Sugar is an effective natural exfoliant. When mixed with honey, it becomes a great moisturising lip scrub. Honey is a humectant which means it actually draws hydration to your lips! The base of many butters, one including rose hip is an absolutely luxurious touch.

 Ingredients: organic beeswax, shea butter, organic cocoa butter, rose hip butter, golden jojoba oil  carrot seed oil, organic sugar, raspberry seed oil, rose hip oil, Castor oil, vitamin e, organic vanilla flavouring, Wildcraft local honey.

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