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Lunah Life

LED Therapy Mask

LED Therapy Mask

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A serious player in your skin routine to improve, repair and heal the skin on so many levels.  Using LED is an easy way to get results without being invasive to the skin. I use this multiple times a week and have noticed a huge improvement in skin texture and health. This is also a great option for rosacea or sensitive skin, it allows gentle improvements without being to harsh or reactive.

Simply hold the power button for three seconds to turn on and then choose the one you need. Charges with a USB charger (allow to charge for 2-3 hours before use). This product comes with easy instructions on how to use, clean, etc.

7 Light Modes:

RED light (620-750nm): 
to stimulate collagen and elastin, anti inflammatory, accelerate wound healing and to minimize redness and wrinkles
BLUE light (525-550nm):
 to kill acne bacteria
GREEN light (430-450nm): 
to reduce and lighten pigmentation, soothing and purifying.
ORANGE light (565-570nm):
 to improve function of oxygen exchange in the cells, accelerates blood circulation together fading pigmentation, softens skin
PURPLE light (380-440nm):
 a combo of red + blue light, especially wonderful to heal and repair acne scars
LIGHT light (160-195nm): 
to balance skin tone, improve liver spots + fine lines 
CYANINE light (soft light):
 enhance the cell energy, promote metabolism

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Customer Reviews

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Best investment I've made. Each light has amazing benefits.
I love that it turns off when it's time to remove it. I can watch tv or do dishes while wearing it! If you've been on the fence about getting one, this is your sign!