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Wolf and Hawk

Hand Rolled Single Incense

Hand Rolled Single Incense

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These Incense here we ♡♡♡ to the ☽ & ↩︎ !!!

They are ALL NATURAL: no chemicals, toxins or fragrances. The Wolf & The Hawk wanted them to be as ‘clean’ and natural as they could be. Our bff hand rolls each stick mindfully with love & universal energy. Choose from our favourite scents:

Sweet Emotion: Juniper Berry + Mullein Kashmir Resin "soul alignment + groove"

Gypsy That Remains: Patchouli + Mugwort + Cinnamon "prophecy + dreamwork"

Roxy Roller: Peony + Coriander + Palo Santo Resin "freedom + compassion"

Love is the Drug: Lavender + Vanilla bean

Free Bird: Sweetgrass + Frankincense copal + Resin

Your Time is Gonna Come: Red Sandalwood + Copal Resin

Spirit Walker: Palo santo + Myrrh

Easy Like Sunday Morning: Jasmine + Tobacco Flower + Musk Seed

Moondance: Patchouli + Lavender + Local Honey

Don't Think Twice: Lemongrass + Lavender 

Forever in Blue Jeans : Red Sandalwood + Vanilla Bean 

Take it Easy: Cedar Needles + Tonka Bean + Sweetgrass

Tupelo Honey: Chamomile + Honey + Amber Resin 

Age of Aquarius: Frankincense + Myrrh + Star Anise

Crazy on You: Peppermint + Elfwort + Pinon Resin

Peaceful Easy Feeling: White Sage Cinnamon 

Dark Side of the Moon: Clove + Bud + Sarsaparilla Root

Let Your Love Flow: Rose + Bergamot + Lavender

Night Moves:  Patchouli + Clary Sage + Cloves + Lavender + Dragon Blood's Resin

Moonage Daydream: Rosemary + Roses + Sage + Peppermint + Lemonbalm

**incense sticks are sold individually, having two in the photo makes it look prettier!!

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