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Face Skin Cleansing Scrubber

Face Skin Cleansing Scrubber

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Tools are the way of the future, and this one does not disappoint. Using this ultrasonic ion cleansing instrument, you will care for your skin with high frequency technology, allowing the different ion charges to import and export what you need. Example, exporting blackheads and gunk, or importing your serums deeply into the dermis.  Ultrasonic skin scrubbers, micro-current devices, and ultrasonic skin spatulas are all different ways to describe the same technology: they use sound waves to exfoliate the skin. The same technology has been used in dentists offices to safely remove plaque from teeth! An ultrasonic skin scrubber uses sound waves to loosen up sebum, dead skin cells, and dirt and grime for the pores. This allows the metal spatula with high-frequency vibrations (30,000 Hz) to loosen and draw excess oils, dead skin cells, and debris out of pores via sound waves.


This is an exfoliation tool so please do not use everyday (2-3 times a week is sufficient). Your skin must be wet during Ion + mode to extract from the skin. Do not use on dry skin. During cleaning mode, please use with cleanser. During lifting and Ion- mode, use with your serums, oils, eye creams, etc. Wipe clean when done.

How to Use
  1. Wet your skin. Remember: An ultrasonic skin spatula will only work if the skin is wet.
  2. Run the spatula along your skin.
  3. Go slow if you're trying to extract.
  4. Follow up with your regular skincare routine. 
  5. Clean your device when you're done

Product Feature:

Ion+:helps remove blackheads, dead skin, dirt or oil; Lifting:helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, making your skin brighter again.

Cleaning:deeply clean your skin with high ultrasonic technology.

Ion- penetrate your serums, eye cream, oils, and lotion deep through the dermal layers.

Premium Quality:Made of ABS shell and medical stainless steel, this skin scrubber is suitable for all skin types. 

Comes with instructions and USB for charging, in a nice box.

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