Temporary Tattoo Pack

Temporary Tattoo Pack

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Kids Temporary Tattoo pack SET of 7! (Maybe some Florals for mom too!)

Hi! I‘m a rainbow temporary tattoo, I’m the perfect gift, party favour, loot bag item, kids party bags, girls night out accessory, stocking stuffer and so much more!

Also a great way to temporarily try out having some "ink" before you go get the real thing!

Good To Knows:

1. Our temporary tattoo is printed on skin grade paper from a high quality tattoo paper company

2. It lasts 3-7 days depending on where you place it, how often it gets wet

3. Application instructions will be delivered with each tattoo

4. Some listings have different quantity offerings, take note at check out how many you'd life if the option is available :)

Instructions for USE:

1. peel clear protective covering off
2. place tattoo face down (picture to your skin) where you would like it
3. use a wet facecloth to saturate the top of the paper while its laying on your skin for 30 seconds, make sure all is wet
4. gently peel up the corner of paper backing to reveal your tattoo!