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Spirit Room

Sterling Silver Crystal Jewelry

Sterling Silver Crystal Jewelry

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blue sapphire: a gemstone synonymous with wisdom and nobility, delicately set in the lustrous embrace of 925 sterling silver. The bolo adjustable bracelet is a testament to both style and function, catering to any wrist size with ease. These bracelets are a perfect match for the discerning eye, offering a touch of classic sophistication whether presented as a heartfelt gift or added to a connoisseur's collection.

rainbow moonstone: known for its iridescent reflections and the blue sheen that dances across its surface. The bracelets are meticulously crafted in high-quality 925 sterling silver and boast a modern bolo design for a customizable fit, making them an exquisite choice for retailers, a heartwarming present, or a magical addition to any personal jewelry collection.

amazonite: a gem that mirrors the peaceful blue-green of tropical waters. Set in luminous 925 sterling silver and complemented with a versatile adjustable bolo design, these bracelets effortlessly marry elegance with adaptability. Whether it's for boutique retail, a cherished gift, or personal adornment, this collection promises a touch of nature's calm in every setting.

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