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Pet Drops 30ml

Pet Drops 30ml

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Nurture your pet like never before! The Pet Drops provide the best care for your pet’s quality of health. Made from broad-spectrum canna binoid-richhemp plant extract, the Pet Drops reduce the stressors that lead to inflammation and assist with various conditions without any ‘high’ feelings for both cats and dogs.

Our Pet Drops may assist in supporting:

Facilitate digestion
Encourage a strong immune system
Decreases inflammation
Soothe sore bones, joints and muscles
Maintain a healthy coat of hair
Help minimize seizures
Alleviate chronic pain
Increase appetite
Reduce Anxiety
Foster a good sleep

Flavour: Biscuit

5-15 lb 1/8ml (2mg)
15-25 lb 1/4ml (4mg)
25-55 lb 1/3ml (6mg)
55-90 lb 1/2ml (8mg)
90+ lb 3/4ml (12mg)

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