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Lunah Life

Milk Bath Trio

Milk Bath Trio

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 Treat yourself to 3 different beautiful blends of bath salt heaven. Perfect size for a gift or to add to a hostess basket. I may also add how cute they look in a glass jar in your bathroom:) We have added aluminum free baking soda to these luxury blends for the cleansing and detoxing properties that its holds. Give your body the time it needs to purify and cleanse in this botanical oasis.  Make this product last longer by adding a tbsp to a cup of pure epsom salt.

Melt + Remedy + Detox Spa

45g recyclable plastic/ reusable container.

Melt: a relaxing blend to sooth your mind and your spirit. Soak in the blend of bergamot, jasmine, marjoram, Palo Santo, tulsi, pure vanilla, rosewood, vetiver, frankincense, and sweet basil.

Remedy: for sore muscles, headaches, tension, and stress. Let your body let go with our blend of sweet basil, ginger, frankincense, rosemary, turmeric, marjoram, lemongrass, grapefruit, black pepper, pine, howood, chamomile, tulsi.

Detox: exactly that, a gentle flush of the toxins. Perfect for the holiday season, to accompany a cleanse, or when your body feels out of balance. Soak in our minty fresh cold and flu blend- peppermint, wintergreen, ginger, pine and frankincense.

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