Lunah Product Knowledge Night - November 8th - 6:45-9ish.

Lunah Product Knowledge Night - November 8th - 6:45-9ish.

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Luxe Lunah Life Workshop!   (only 12 spots available)

Learn how to use the traditional Gua Sha tool and all the different Lunah Life products she's curated to keep your skin lifted, sculpted + glowing!

Your cost:   $60 - that's it! 

What you get: 

Skin Care Trial Kit (Includes all the products needed for the evening)

Charcuterie, Champagne + Booch

Shop will be open to invest in Lunah Life products.   A special discount will be offered for the evening only.

Insightful information, new friendships and an intimate evening in our feel good shop! 

You in?

*arrive make up free as we'll be doing a full skin care routine.

*towels, products, mirrors, water etc, will be provided

Luxurious Spa Experience expected ♡