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Lime & Bergamot Deodorant

Lime & Bergamot Deodorant

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This highly effective, gentle and 100% natural deodorant will keep you fresh all day long. Our baking soda, and aluminum-free formula glides on smoothly and soothes sensitive skin. Magnesium, kaolin clay and antibacterial essential oils balance pH, reduce odour causing bacteria, and absorb moisture.

100% natural. Cruelty-free.

-Fights odours and balances pH
-Long lasting and moisture-absorbing
-Soothes sensitive skin

Scent: Light, fresh and citrusy.

Apply a pea sized amount, or more if needed, under each arm using clean, dry hands.

Coconut oil*
Magnesium hydroxide
Tapioca starch*
Calendula* infused Sunflower oil*
Shea butter*
Cetearyl olivate and Sorbitan olivate (Olive derived emulsifying wax)
Vitamin E oil
Pink grapefruit, Bergamot, Lime*, and Clary sage essential oils


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