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Shy Wolf

Shy Wolf Incense Packs

Shy Wolf Incense Packs

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Made with the same fragrance as its candle counterpart, however due to the nature of incense, the scent will throw differently and have a more smoky note to it.

Our charcoal incense is hand-dipped in grey highlands, Ontario - each package contains fifteen sticks of incense which last for approximately 45 - 65 minutes.

Sampler Pack Contains 15 sticks (one of each scent!)

The Moon: Rosemary + Eucalyptus + Spearmint

The Sun: Citrus + Tobacco + Cedar

Take It Easy: Lilac + Cucumber + Green Tea

I Walk The Line: Spiced Honey + Tobacco + Smoked Oud

The Hermit: Leather + Tobacco + Coffee + Cedar

Cherry Bomb: Black Cherry + Vanilla + Spice

The Magician: Cypress + Cinnamon + Smoky Vetiver

Midnight Rider: Star Anise + Ginger + Cardamom

Strength: Chai + Cinnamon + Vanilla

Sweet Emotion: Smoke + Bourbon + Vanilla

The Empress: Lavender + Coconut Milk

Justice: Vanilla Tonka + Sandalwood + Guaiac

Gold Dust Woman: Nag Champa + Nutmeg


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Really unique scents. Nothing obnoxious smelling - Highly recommend. Figure out what you like and cone back to buy the larger pack of your favorites :)