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Hen + Bear

Folklore Necklace

Folklore Necklace

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in ancient Irish mythology, to avoid being suspected of having the evil eye, it is necessary at once, when looking at a child, to say “god bless it.” and when passing a farmyard where the cows are collected for milking, to say, “the blessing of god be on you and on all your labours.” if one did not say such things, than his or her peers would be filled with terror and alarm, unless a counter-charm was instantly employed.

i'm also pretty sure that if you wore our folklore necklace that would have made you exempt, too. carefully hand-beaded with stunning grade a faceted 4mm aquamarine beads, shiny brass spacers, and a small brass fringe, this necklace can be worn long or short depending on how you like it. total length is 32 inches, or 16 when doubled. all hardware is 100% brass.

Stainless steel.

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