Glow Mineral Veil

Glow Mineral Veil

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Glow can be used under mineral foundation. This neutral powder offers just the right amount of highlighting to your face. Great for sensitive skin and amazing over the foundation to reduce shine, creating a smooth set finish. The shimmer in this is minimal making it just right for women of all ages and skin tone to wear.

This veil is perfect not only for locking on your make-up, but also helps minimize shine. If you have a very oily complexion try a light application before your mineral foundation to help absorb excess oils under your make up.

Ingredients: Rice Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Sercite, Mica, Iron Oxides


 - Take a small amount of Veil onto the brush, remembering to tap off the excess, and apply all over the face, concentrating on any areas you would like to create particular highlight.
 - This can be directly done after your foundation and before your Bronzer and Blush, or as the final step, adding a soft focus effect to your makeup look.
- You can also apply Glow directly under your eyes to diffuse dark circles and add radiance.