Have you met Rachy?

Have you met Rachy?

Our designer extra-ordinaire and our social media superstar - no seriously, people stop her on the street... Meet our uber cool staff Rachel aka Rachy Baby aka Ray Ray aka BBYRAAY.

The sense of commUNITY and being welcomed in like family are two reasons why she just loves working at Purdy Natural.  She loves being able to discover and connect with local businesses and meeting the customers who come in for the Purdy Experience.   

"Working at Purdy Natural has given me so many opportunities to flex my creative muscles - from running our social media to working on our rebranding and more.  I love working at Purdys because it doesn’t feel like work!!" 

Rachel's Purdy Faves:

Shiver me Timber for fresh feet and aches + pains!

Suck My Kiss Lip Balm - extra minty + soft for the all the kissing she does!  This is her 'cannot live without' product!   She has 4-5 on the go at all times, purse, car, bathroom, bedside table and slathers it on all day long!

Extra Funky Deodorant + Body Powder in Sunshine & Lollipops Scent - "I use it on stinky feet and sprinkling it in my boots and for sand removal after the beach!"

Rachel's other favourites include Party Mountain Cards and Harvest Pantry Napa Kimchi.

BKIND Nail Polish, specifically these two shades:

Her other faves include Lunah Life's Moon Light Magic to help with scarring & Hyaluronic Face Firming Serum for baby smooth skin!

We LOVE working with Rachel and having her a part of our FAMILIA!   She makes us smile, has the best stories and basically saves lives on a regular basis!  Our gratitude extends to the moon for her work ethic, creativity and her shining bright light.  

When you see Rach next, ask her about "Long Line Long" or BOHEMAIN 🎶 - two inside jokes that we'll never ever EVER let her live down. hahahah!   

She loves frogs, spiders and mushrooms.


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Rachel is indeed a Shining Light and her Positivity is positively CONTAGIOUS!! xxx


Bohemainnnnn. Long line long 4 life!


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