Aaaah Kayla, our lady legend, best kept secret at Purdy Natural.
She is our stellar studio Señorita!  Pouring her love, positivity and calmness into every batch of soap, deo, lotion… and every product you love with the little babushka label.

Kayla has been steadily making, moving & shaking at the Purdy studio since 2020.

Her fave PN products are Salvation & Shiver Me Timber. 

Kale adds her pro salvation tip:  “I use it after shaving for a nice smooth finish”

She’s on a Cinnamon Girl Soap kick but Kayla says that she can’t pick a favourite.  She def has a soft spot for our Vanilla Mint xmas soap bar which she makes every November for the Holiday Season.

Kale hails from Northern Ontario and is passionate about the great outdoors and is obsessed with all things mushrooms and even creates a chaga soap that we sell in the shop!


“I love working for a small business in our community... especially a female owned business! I love working with an incredible group of women who are talented, supportive and work so well together to make Purdy Natural what it is. That’s pretty freaking cool!  I love that I get to learn how to create awesome & healthy natural skin care products for people with real ingredients. I remember making lotion for the first time and thinking how crazy that was!" 

From time to time you'll spot Kayla working in the shop and we're so grateful that she easily picks up on any task we throw her way!  She even slings cash at BOHO...

Come and meet Kayla at our next event!

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